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CGR is the national leader in community indicators. Our web-based profiles make information understandable, meaningful, actionable and accessible. Your website will drive community-wide dialogues about strengths, challenges and opportunities.

Community profiles are indispensable for community planning and strategic development. In order to be effective, these profiles have to be up-to-date and engaging. We handle that, so you can focus on tackling your community's challenges.

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Customized design and features for your community.
CGR is your one-stop shop to create a beautiful and powerful community indicators website that uses data to tell stories and drive change.
New York
Community indicators tell the story of our region, helping us clearly see our strengths and challenges as we focus our efforts to improve.
Mark Pritchett
Senior Vice President, Gulf Coast Community Foundation
Interactive Dashboards & Maps
Dashboards provide access to featured indicators while mapping provides additional analytical power, showing variations within communities.
Change in Total Population
Since 2000
Economy & Workforce
Unemployment Rate
of labor force
Financial Well-Being
People Living in Poverty
No Change
Quality of Life
Median Household Income
Mapping provides additional analytical power, showing variations within communities.
Our powerful features meet your most important needs.
We work closely with communities to determine key topics to be covered and select the most interesting and informative indicators to document key trends and issues. We also collaborate on the design of the website, both in terms functionality and look and feel.
  • Dynamic Charts — Users can customize visualizations to focus on their interests.
  • Map Visualizations — Seeing data geographically adds insight.
  • Data API — Opens up possibilities for downloads, apps and more.
  • Dashboards — At-a-glance graphics provide quick takeaway information.
  • Data Downloads — Raw data allows users to do their own analysis.
  • Engagement — We help you engage your community in the planning, launch and ongoing work of positive community change.
  • Insight — Data analyzed in a comparative context gives an in-depth understanding of a community's strengths and challenges.
  • Analysis — Regularly engage your community through indicator and issue analysis delivered via electronic newsletters.
  • Tracking — Web statistics track the reach of your platform.
You'll be in good hands with our team of experts.
CGR – experts in data, analysis, synthesizing, and storytelling for all the shareholders in your community.
Patrick Smith
Director of Business Development
Patrick works with clients across the country advising on the benefits of building a customized indicators site for their community. His 25 years of sales and customer services experience provides clients an exceptional end-to-end experience.
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Erika Rosenberg
President & CEO
Erika's two decades of broad experience working with governments and nonprofits make her the ideal leader for CGR's Community Profiles team. She understands data, communities, and leadership and knows how to get all three working together to make positive change.
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Katherine Bell
Analytics & Information Systems Manager
Kate is CGR's IT backbone, keeping all our systems humming. For our Profiles team, she manages data collection, analysis, web interfaces and designs our interactive maps.
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David Riley
Senior Associate
An urban planner, analyst and former journalist, David brings a unique perspective to studying communities and telling their stories. He has worked on various community revitalization and public engagement projects, and wrote extensively about government and public policy for news organizations across New York and Massachusetts.
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Dr. Donna M. Harris
Associate Principal and Chief Diversity Officer
Donna's background in educational studies and her passion for equity help CGR examine the implementation and impact of social programs to influence institutional change. Prior to joining CGR, Donna was a faculty member at the University of Rochester, Wellesley College and Lawrence University.
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Dr. Kieran Bezila
Research Associate
Kieran is a skilled researcher with experience in both quantitative and qualitative research. He has taught both subjects at the collegiate level and has conducted research independently and as part of group projects. His research interests include government, politics and the social logic behind every-day decision-making.
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Alice Carle, M.P.P.
Senior Associate
With 15+ years of leadership experience with foundations, Alice knows first-hand the challenges philanthropists face in wisely investing for community benefit. Before joining CGR, Alice was program officer and managing director for the Kresge Foundation.
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What our clients are saying:
  • To build a unified vision, we need accurate and broad-based information about our community's most pressing needs and most promising opportunities. That's why our first step is to become a dynamic and transparent resource for data, knowledge and insight about the wide variety of social, economic and environmental issues affecting quality of life in Delaware.

    Marilyn Rushworth Hayward Board Chair, Delaware Community Foundation's Board of Directors
  • Community indicators tell the story of our region, helping us to clearly see our strengths and challenges and to focus our efforts to improve. Gulf Coast already uses this kind of data to spot regional trends and direct our funding priorities. Our Board wanted to turn that investment into a community-wide resource that anyone can use.

    Mark Pritchett Senior Vice President, Gulf Coast Community Foundation
  • When we prepared our Community Action Plan for Greater Rochester's Children, we used ACT Rochester data on teen pregnancy, child poverty, infant mortality, and other critical issues to inform us about the most pressing needs of children and families in our community. Having this information at our fingertips was very helpful to our analysis and we quote this information in presentations and in our advocacy materials for legislators, funders, and the general public.

    Jeff Kaczorowski M.D. Executive Director, The Children's Agenda
  • The community indicators website not only provides a level playing field for public discourse by local residents to advocate for better public policy, it also provides a common language for discussion and solution building.

    Corrine Ribble Former Director of Philanthropy, The Community Foundation of Herkimer & Oneida Counties, now Executive Director, NY Funders Alliance
  • The Impact Essex County website is aimed at creating a holistic picture of Essex County to deepen knowledge and understanding of our community and its local areas. The metrics tracked will inform not only ECCF but also all community stakeholders to facilitate collaboration within Essex County and monitor the impact of collective efforts. We want users of the site to feel confident in their decision-making when taking on new efforts or analyzing existing programs. The Impact Essex County site provides that confidence for all users by providing the most recent data available in an easy to understand format.

    Julie Bishop Vice President for Philanthropy, Essex County Community Foundation